Zhenping to build a jade culture communication base

The jade carving processing in Zhenping County has a long history and a large scale. It is the "Hometown of Chinese Jade Carvings" named by the state. Jade carving processing is spread throughout the county's 22 townships (offices), nearly 100 administrative villages, there are 50 jade carving professional villages, 200,000 employees, more than 30 kinds of processed jade materials, products involving characters, landscapes, flowers and birds, historical stories, reality Freehand and other 3 major series of 10 categories and more than 5,000 varieties. In 2006, Zhenping was awarded the title of "China Jewelry and Jewelry Characteristic Industrial Base" by the China Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association and the Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Management Center of the Ministry of Land and Resources. It was named "Henan Province Cultural Industry Demonstration Base" by the Henan Provincial Government, 2008. It was identified by the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government as the pilot zone for the reform and development of jade culture in the province. Since 2009, the Zhenping County Party Committee and the county government have taken advantage of the construction of the jade culture reform and development pilot zone to give full play to their unique advantages, promote resource integration, expand the industrial scale, lengthen the industrial chain, innovate the operational mechanism, optimize the industrial structure, and accelerate the construction progress. Cultivate industrial clusters and promote the sound and rapid development of the jade carving industry in the county.

1. Analysis of output, sales and output value in 2009

As of December 2009, the county's three sub-district offices, 19 townships and villages can smell the sound of Yu Yusheng, households can see Yu Shenghui, the county's jade carving professional market 10, jade carving processing enterprises more than 21,000, packaging enterprises More than 100, various types of operating stores more than 20,000, annual sales of 8 billion yuan, output value of 5 billion yuan, driving jade carving, bone carving, wood carving, antique bronze and other comprehensive industrial system development, has become the country's largest The jade carving-based handicraft production, processing and sales center.

2. Future development planning

As a brand industry, image industry and cultural industry of Zhenping, jade culture industry has stepped into the key stage of taking over the chain, upgrading and re-stepping the ladder. The next step will be to purchase and sell jade materials, project construction and products. Design, talent cultivation, cultural injection, leading cultivation, brand building, packaging upgrade, quality inspection, publicity and promotion, environmental optimization, etc., focus on key construction, and build Zhenping into a domestically important jade carving processing and sales base and jade with regional advantages. Cultural research and dissemination base. According to the requirements of the combination of short-term, medium-term and long-term, 70 key projects have been planned and arranged with a total investment of 12 billion yuan, involving infrastructure construction, cultural service system construction, industrial synergy integration, jade culture theme tourism, and brand system construction. class. In 2010, we will focus on seven key projects such as the international Yucheng, Tianxia Yuyuan, Stone Carving City, Masters Creative Park, Jade Carving Education Group, Jade Culture Theme Park, and Jade Culture Museum.

In the near future, we must gradually implement the "five-one" development goals: First, we will run a festival, that is, the jade carving festival and the gemstone expo in April each year; the second is to build a brand, that is, the "Chinese jade capital" brand; A good number of projects are mainly for the construction of master creative park, international jade city, jade material market, stone carving garden, vocational education group, etc. Fourth, cultivate a group of leading, encourage, guide and support the sacred company and jade god of Zhenping County Key enterprises such as the company, Shifo Temple Jadeware Factory, Bohan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., and a number of well-known creative studios such as Xingshizhai, Qiyixuan, Hongzhe Studio, Chaoguang Studio and Yuzhong Studio; Grasp a team and introduce a team of professionals with sufficient quantity, reasonable structure, high quality, full of vitality, and can promote the development of jade carving industry.

3. Overview of major events in 2009 and work plan for 2010

3.1 Major events in 2009

First, actively cooperate with the county party committee and county government to successfully host the "Ninyang 7th Jade Carving Festival and the Jade Jade Expo in China"; the second is to do a good job in talent training and professional title evaluation; the third is to carry out "famous products, celebrities, famous shops in the jade carving industry of the county." "The selection activities; the fourth is to carefully organize the jade carving boutique to participate in the evaluation activities at all levels. For example, in the 2009 "Luzigang Cup" jade carving exhibition in Henan Province, the eighth Chinese jade carving, stone carving "Tiangong Award" selection and other activities; the fifth is to do a good job in the master garden preparation work; the sixth is to compile and reflect the history of Zhenping jade carving processing and The jade culture of the jade carving industry is monographed by "Yuxiang Qianqiu"; the seventh is the fourth star jade carving creation star selection activity in Zhenping County; the eighth is the country's largest jade material market - "Tianxia Yuyuan" in Shiping Temple, Zhenping County Construction of the town started.

3.2 2010 work plan

In 2010, the work of jade carving industry in Zhenping County focused on the construction of the "Jade Culture Reform and Development Pilot Area", highlighting the cultivation of talents, supporting the construction of key projects, and comprehensively improving the overall level of the jade culture industry in Zhenping County. One major event: First, do a good job in the construction of the "Jade Culture Reform and Development Pilot Area"; second, assist the Nanyang Municipal Government to specifically undertake the "China Nanyang Eighth Jade Carving Festival and Baoyu Stone"; the third is to build the Chinese Jade Carving Masters Creative Park, International Yucheng, jade material market, stone carving garden, vocational education group and other projects; fourth, continue to do a good training class for high-level talents in Zhenping County; fifth, organize the county's jade carving boutique to participate in the national "Tiangong Award", "Hundred Flowers Award", etc. The major jade carvings exhibition activities; the sixth is to collect and publish the monograph "Yuxiang Qianqiu" which reflects the history of Zhenping for thousands of years of jade culture; the seventh is to do a good job in the job title declaration of senior talents.

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