Semi-precious stone status upgrade investment collection potential new upstart

The “semi-precious stone” material not only shines in the design of top jewellery, but also invests in the upstart of the collection industry. With the great trend of fame in the jewelry industry, its value is not what it used to be. The price from ore raw materials to finished jewellery is rising, which is bound to attract the attention of investment collectors, so it is a material choice for top jewellery. The reason is self-evident.



Tourmaline, also known as tourmaline, is a single-crystal semi-precious stone that is the leader in semi-precious stones. In 1989, the blue-green tonic tourmaline produced in Paraíba, Brazil, was also known as the “King of the Tourmaline”. Usually the quality of tourmaline is RMB 1,000 per carat, and the quality is high. Since 2009, the price of tourmaline has grown by lightning, as evidenced by Sotheby's 2013 New York jewellery auction, when a 90-carat oval red tourmaline ring was sold for $162,500, exceeding the estimated price of nearly $20,000.



There is never a shortage of "stunning characters" and a sudden increase in price in the "semi-precious stones" material. Opal is a good example. It is also known as opal, which combines the colors of various gemstones with starlight and color change effects. It is the most beautiful gem in the world. Natural Opal is divided into three categories: Black Opal, White Opal and Fire Opal. Among them, Black Opal is the most precious, and many white Opal and Fire Opal seen in the market. After the discovery of mineral deposits in Australia at the end of the 19th century, Opal's glory days began. The world's current 80% of Opal is from South Australia, and the most valuable Black Opal is from the Lightning Ridge region of New South Wales. .



In addition to the beauty of the quintessence of the tourmaline, Aquamarine with pure blue sky and deep blue ocean color is also representative of the "semi-precious stone" material. Nautical homes pray that Poseidon protects maritime safety, and it is a "Marchstone of Birth" and symbolizes "happiness and longevity." Although there is only one color, it is the most brilliant colored gem in jewelry design.

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