New Gaobao teaches you how to serve customers with different personalities

First, more efficient customers, shop assistants slowly introduce, explain in detail, so the public order of such customers immediately angry. Dealing with such customers as quickly as possible makes him feel that you are doing things very efficiently.

Second, the customer who does not want to talk, the store seller must judge from his customers' actions and expressions what they are interested in. When inquiring, it is induced in a specific way as much as possible, and the use can be answered in a relatively simple manner.

Third, the hesitant customer, when his eyes turn around, it is difficult to decide, the store seller must give decisive advice in a timely manner to help customers purchase determination.

4. A customer who speaks, if he interrupts his topic in the middle, he will be very uncomfortable. It is important to turn the topic to the merchandise at the right time.

Fifth, customers who like to put on the shelf, shopkeepers must be more respectful attitude, in the case of not hurting the situation, it is also necessary to shoot customers.

Sixth, customers who are prone to suspiciousness, the store seller must clearly explain the customer's questions, and must not speak arrogantly.

Seven, when encountering a well-known customer, the store seller must find a topic to echo with him, and then explain the goods in an orderly manner.


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