Manuka Women's Tuscan Tuscan Winter 2013 Tasting Ceremony Opening

Manuka will hold a 2013 New Winter Tasting with the theme of "Culture and Tuscany" at the Humen Haiyun Hotel, a fashion city in China, from June 28 to June 30, 2013. Hundreds of Yancai's national agents, franchisees and industry media will gather together to share the fashion feast brought by the card.

Manuka Women's Tuscan Tuscan Winter 2013 Tasting Ceremony Opening

The new 2013 winter new card from the urban women's life details start to accurately control the fashion world is a popular theme. To create a series of three series suitable for urban women on different occasions and different living conditions: Sunshine Holiday of Fashion Series, Party Beauty of Elegant Series, Charming City of Modern Series, totaling about 300 new products.
The time for signing the tasting guests is 8:00-17:30 on June 28th. You can inquire about tasting related information, and you can also log in at any time to visit the official website of Manuca. Please feel free to join us for guidance. , witness the moment of glory of the card!

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