Producing of quality sapphires


Most of the producers of sapphire quality are concentrated in Asia. The sapphire produced in Kashmir and Myanmar on the border between India and Pakistan is recognized as the most beautiful and valuable. The Kashmir sapphire mining area is located at the northwestern tip of the Himalayas, at an altitude of over 5,000 meters above the snow line. The mining conditions are very difficult and the production has been very low. So many young jewelers have never seen such precious gems, let alone ordinary consumers.

The color of the Kashmiri sapphire is blue in the cornflower, which is the indigo of the microstrip purple, so it is also called the cornflower sapphire. The typical cornflower sapphire, in addition to having a pure and rich blue tone, must have very fine filamentous inclusions inside, giving the gem a velvety sheen. This kind of sapphire does not change its color even under artificial light sources. It is the true cornflower sapphire that possesses this characteristic. Burmese sapphire is also extremely valuable, ranging in color from rich royal blue to deep cornflower blue, from bright blue to bright blue with purple. The sapphire quality of these two places can be as high as 100,000 or even millions of yuan per carat.

The sapphire produced in Sri Lanka and Madagascar is also popular in the market. They have bright luster and moderate blueness. Most of the sapphires we see in the mall are produced in these two countries. In addition, Cambodia’s sapphire has recently gained a reputation for its rich blue color. China's Shandong Changle also has sapphire production. Although the particles are large and the clarity is high, the color is less and the color is generally somewhat deep.

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