【Children's Wear ABC】 "warm fashion" sweater new shine autumn

A while a cool autumn rain, the temperature dropped, hemp Ma to be prepared in advance for the baby windbreaker clothing, to avoid the alternating seasons caused by physical discomfort. Come, followed by Xiaobian look at the tide of autumn, warm and stylish ~ ~ a British gentleman Fan Yinglun tide has always been much loved by children. Bright and comfortable with the blue and red, the children's vitality and innocence naturally blend together, unobtrusive and attractive; design elements to join sweaters more visually expressive, full of agility. V collar style full account of the clothes with, jeans, plaid shirt, small gentleman Fan Er Li significant. Second, elegant soft casual feel casual sweater, must-have equipment in late autumn. Simple solid color throw away all the visual collisions with the color, it seems easy. The most scattered spikes that are scattered, seemingly random without rules, but actually meet the aesthetic requirements of each, so that a sweater, "live" up. Third, the Department of fresh Sen woman is a beautiful clothes, not only its beauty as a single piece itself, but also because of its formation with the 1 + 1> 2 beauty. This sweater under the map is such a clothes. Before and after the unique length and color mix, it shows the elegance of a small girl, with the Department of Women's shirt, this style will be pushed to the extreme. Two colors of "flowers" have a divine effect. Fourth, sweet fairy woman wave point is beating the elves, giving clothing spirituality and fashion. Pleated with fungus, sweet and elegant, with soft qualities. The fish's jump, like a child's innocence. Inside the long-sleeved T-shirt, sweater sweater, is a popular autumn fashion. Fifth, cute little Lolita Even a pullover, but also wear the appearance of the United States and the United States. This sweater, like a child's brush graffiti, horizontal stripes with the color, so that the original weaker sweater also has a good visual presentation. Cute owl, is to attract children's weapon, attracted the child's joy. Baby wear beauty is not only the beauty of baby, but also numb beauty. Autumn is coming, hemp linen Ma not only make baby wear warm, but also to wear beautiful handsome. Then quickly move to start Oh ~

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